Create your own web content

Web pages 'you' can edit

Why KoolWeb ?

10 page websites you can edit yourself - and at a price that
small businesses can't afford to miss !

Update your products, prices, menus, etc instantly and without incurring any extra expense.

If you already have a website then just add koolweb pages to it.

KoolWeb is a unique and affordable product that provides web pages with a built-in editor. It's as easy as using a word processor !

Create / edit all your own content including: titles, logo, menus, drop-down menus, main image, text, images, video, links, galleries, background colours and contact details. All this together with a range of templates and a huge variety of page layouts provides you with thousands of options - the possible permutations are endless !

Upload your own images, documents and other resources with unlimited bandwidth and storage space. Full image editing included with our Image Manager (upload, download, resize, crop and delete).

Your KoolWeb pages can be independent or easily integrated with your existing website.

What does it cost ?

30 day trial - FREE
Try out a standard 10 page website for 30 days. The site comes with full instructions on site management and content creation.

Standard 10 page site -
You may purchase the site at any time during or after your trial (though there's no obligation to do so).

Add additional pages as and when required:
Single pages: each.
10 page bundles: .
20 page bundles: .
30 page bundles: .
50 page bundles: .

These are one off costs for the life of the site - no repeat fees to pay !

What do you get ?

  Trial a 10 page website FREE for 30 days.
     Completely free of obligation - we don't ask for credit card details!

  One off payment if you purchase - no repeat fees.
     The 10 pages are yours for life and you can add more whenever you like.

  Add extra pages at any time.

  Choice of site designs and page layouts.

  Private hosting - unlimited storage and bandwidth.

  Full instructions on website use and content creation.

  Choose your own domain or host your site with us.

  Automatic daily backup of your site's content.

  Training available.

How do you create content ?
It's much like using a word processor though KoolWeb also comes with a fully illustrated manual to help you create quality content with ease.
You'll also get free image editing software (with comprehensive help).
If you'd like us to provide on site training then just contact us.

Who hosts the pages ?

During your trial we host the site for you under the Koolweb domain. You will have a url in the form www.koolweb.co.uk/your_postcode.

If you purchase the site you can either keep your koolweb url, integrate the pages into your existing website or buy a new domain.

Hosting costs

To host your site on a dedicated server we charge a standard annual hosting fee of 0.00.
If you want your own domain the cost of annual renewal is 0.00.

What if you prefer your existing design ?
If you'd rather stick to your existing site design then we can create a bespoke template just for you.
Just contact us and we'll happily discuss solutions and costs.
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